We took our camper over to Meyers to have the paint fixed under warranty. We didn’t buy the camper from Meyers but they gladly took our camper in to do the work for us. When I dropped it off they said it would be done on the 22nd of April and I thought to my self that was never going to happen as that is what happened to us at the other dealers. So today is the 22nd and I took a ride over to see when it was going to be done and to my amazement they told me yup your all set and ready to go. Meyers RV Superstores you now have all our business from this point forward. Can’t say enough about how we were treated from the start and you guys didn’t have to as we didn’t buy this camper from you, but for sure the next one is coming from your dealership with service like this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.